A gateway to my work

My current blogging and freelance journalism work:

I write entries on missions from a computer game series, called Thief, at the Thief Diaries. Even if you’re not interested in games, you may enjoy a read of it.

My games blog is at The Stammering Stickman.

I am the Editor-in-Chief at Game Luster, a small video game website. We have news, features, and reviews. Check us out (and check out my stories).

My big school projects:

In all the classes I took in school I completed many projects. The two below are the biggest – those that I completed for each degree, my Bachelor’s and my Master’s. Both have to do with my passion – games – but they may be read and enjoyed by anyone.

Note that for my Bachelor’s I majored in History at the University of Dallas and for my Master’s I majored in Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas.

My undergraduate Senior Thesis:

This is the thesis I wrote for my History major, “The Importance of the Home Computer and PC for Gaming”:

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Table of Contents

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Final Draft

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Index

My graduate school Advanced Project:

For my Master’s I completed a blog project in which I analyzed official and fan-made missions for the first three Thief games. If you are unfamiliar with games, know that these titles are some of the best at using the medium’s interactivity to convey narrative. This is one of the major points of my project linked to below:

Evangelizing Thief, Part I

Evangelizing Thief, Part II

My current day job:

I am currently employed as a Lead in the Facilities department at the University of Dallas (UD). UD is also where I earned my Bachelor’s. You may learn about the school at its website.

My resume:

For a handy summary of all my education, work, and side projects, you may review my resume:

Trevor Whalen – Resume

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