My portfolio page

I am an enthusiastic MBA student and freelance writer! 

I am currently a full-time MBA at Texas Christian University (TCU) and am seeking an internship for summer 2020! I’m an aspiring marketer with longtime skills in writing, editing, and critical thinking and developing skills in data analytics and marketing research. My primary area of interest is digital marketing.

I am also a writer at TechRaptor, a quality website run by some of the finest people I’ve ever known. I write features, reviews, and previews there. I also penned an exciting feature series on the Thief games there called “Dark Narrative”. I have also done interview features, helped cover events, and contributed some to news writing. Please check out my writer’s page!

Formerly I have been the Editor-in-Chief at GameLuster, a small video game website. I was privileged to lead some passionate, hard-working content-creators. Check them out (and check out my stories)!

I have a couple personal blogs, too. I write entries on fan-made missions for the Thief series at Thief Diaries. What the passionate fan-mission authors at Through the Looking Glass ( create is incredible and phenomenal, and are my favorite pieces of storytelling in anything.

My personal blog is at The Stammering Stickman. Once my gaming blog, I have resurrected it for posting non-gaming thoughts and writings. These include posts on trips I have been on and other life experiences.

My big school projects:

Below are two of the biggest projects I completed for my Master’s and my Bachelor’s. Both have to do with my passion – games – but they may be read and enjoyed by anyone.

Note that for my Master’s I majored in Emerging Media and Communication at the University of Texas at Dallas and for my Bachelor’s I majored in History at the University of Dallas. (My MBA studies at TCU are currently ongoing.)

My graduate school Advanced Project:

For my Master’s I completed a blog project in which I analyzed official and fan-made missions for the first three Thief games. If you are unfamiliar with games, know that these titles are some of the best at using the medium’s interactivity to convey narrative. This is one of the major points of my project linked to below. The title represents my goal of demonstrating to everyone the impressive, brilliant narrative mechanics of the first three Thief games:

Evangelizing Thief, Part I

Evangelizing Thief, Part II

My undergraduate Senior Thesis:

This is the thesis I wrote for my History major, The Importance of the Home Computer and PC for Gaming. I love gaming history, especially computer game history, and this began what I plan to be a life of writing formally about video games!

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis, Title Page

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Table of Contents

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Final Draft

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis Index

Whalen, Trevor, Senior Thesis, Timeline


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